Read This First

First: I AM NOT AN EXPERT. I am just a woman who was diagnosed with previa. I obsessively researched the condition on peer reviewed journal articles and decided to share what I found. I don’t understand all of what is written in every abstract.

Second: MY SOURCES ARE EXPERTS. Everything published on this site comes from peer reviewed academic journal articles. What I often include in the post is the ‘abstract’ of a study, which is a brief overview of the study, the results, and the conclusions.


This site is just to post information I found and is not likely to be updated. If you want to read lots of stories about women’s experiences with placenta previa, you should visit:

Placenta Previa Stories by Alissa

Direct link:


5 responses to “Read This First

  1. abbey

    This is a really useful site, thank you! I have complete pp at the 20 week scan, my first birth was an e-section also so I know the odds are not so great for it moving. I have done way too much googling which has generally made me feel worse but I found your summary of the articles really helpful. What happened in your case?

  2. Ii’m glad you found it useful! My research suggested that outcomes tend to be much better than what online resouces suggest. I mean, even for those that persist, it looks like half of those don’t even bleed.

    I was told mine wouldn’t move, but it did! I have a happy and healthy one year old now. : )

    It is stressful, though. Take care.

  3. Thanks much for posting these abstracts. This is EXACTLY the information I’ve been looking for (I have complete PP at 27 weeks), but the OB we saw wouldn’t put numbers on it — just scary scary warnings. This very much helps to ease my mind, or at least give me more realistic expectations.

    Thank you! And congrats on your healthy baby!

  4. Adriana Alcantara

    Thank you so much for this information, which is what I have also spent hours and hours trying to figure out from so many sources. Your site has put it all in one place, with a comprehensive narrative explaining exactly what needs to be explained. Can’t thank you enough!!

  5. So glad it was helpful! Take care.

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